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Automatically changes clothes, pants and boots in the morning

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Notice: This is an updated re-upload of my old mod from before SV 1.3 was released. Now it is updated for SV 1.3.36+!

This mod automatically changes clothes and/or pants and/or boots in the morning.
You can choose (with SMAPI console command - see "nced help" for details) which clothes you want to change in the morning.
If you want to change it only every few days you can edit the config.json in the mod directory.
It also pays (up to) 500 gold every month (day 20) to pay for new clothes.
Compatible with any shirt mod, that adds new shirts to the game (new in 1.3.2).


  • Download and install SMAPI
  • Download and install this mod (download with Vortex possible and recommended)
  • Start SV and load up a save game or start a new game
  • Edit settings via console command as desired


Console command usage

Usage: nced <command> <parameter>
<command>    one of the following:
 help        show this help
 show        show currently active options
 reset       reset options back to default values
 demo        show a colorful demonstration for 30 seconds
 shirt       true|false: Change pants color randomly in the morning
 pants       true|false: Change shirt randomly in the morning
 shoes       true|false: Change shoes randomly in the morning
 monthly     true|false: enable buying new clothes every month
 verbose     true|false: enable verbose logging
<parameter>  one of the following for shirt, pants and verbose:
 true        enables an option
 false       disables an option
 nced shirt false    disable new random shirt for every morning
 nced verbose true   enable verbose logging
 nced reset          resets all settings back to default
Notice: Currently it's not possible to set the number of days for shirts, pants and shoes via SMAPI console command!

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