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Dynamically adjusts the running speed depending on surrounding, flooring and weather

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Notice: This is an updated re-upload of my old mod from before SV 1.3 was released. Now it is updated for SV 1.3.36+!

This mod automatically adjusts the player's running speed depending on the flooring he/she is standing on or the weather on the current day or other environmental occurances:
  • +1 speed on good weather days when having 50% stamina or more
  • -1 speed on stormy weather days
  • +1 speed when running on floorings
  • -1 speed when running on hoe dirt
  • -1 speed when it is late (past 0am)
  • -1 speed when you are over-encumbered (inventory full)
You can also display your current running speed in km/h or mph in the top right corner.
All settings can be toggled with SMAPI console command - see "drs help" for more details.


  • Download and install SMAPI
  • Download and install this mod (download with Vortex possible and recommended)
  • Start SV and load up a save game or start a new game
  • Edit settings via console command as desired


Console command usage

Usage: drs <command> <parameter>
<command>    one of the following:
 help           show this help
 show           show currently active options
 reset          reset options back to default values
 goodweather    true|false: toggle speed buff outdoors on good weather days
 stormyweather  true|false: toggle speed debuff outdoors on stormy weather days
 flooring       true|false: toggle speed buff on floorings
 hoedirt        true|false: toggle speed debuff on hoe dirt
 latetime       true|false: toggle speed debuff when past 0am
 encumbered     true|false: toggle speed debuff when over-encumbered
 displayspeed   true|false: toggle to display your current speed on screen
 metricunit     true|false: toggle speed display between metric and imperial unit
 verbose        true|false: toggle verbose logging
<parameter>  one of the following:
 true           enables an option
 false          disables an option
 drs hoedirt false      don't apply speed debuff when running on hoe dirt
 drs goodweather false  don't apply speed buff outdoors when it's good weather outside
 drs verbose true       enables verbose logging
 drs reset              resets all settings back to default