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Come visit Sundrop City, we have sun, sea, and a ton of new places for your Farmer to explore, discover and grow to love.

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Warning: This mod is in ALPHA, many features are not yet implemented or buggy, use at own risk.

Sundrop City is a DLC-sized mod that intends to add a whole new city, with new mechanics, festivals, NPCs, items and more.
But that is in the future, right now we are in early alpha and a lot of those features are still being developed.

Please, explore our city made with love, see the custom art the artists in our team spend so much work perfecting, experience the extended render mechanics which make this highly detailed expansion possible, and have a sneak-peek at some of Sundrop's NPCs, their imprints already wandering the city they call home.

To get started for now, simply find the road east from Joja Mart. When you finally want to take your leave, click the sign next to Sundrop's bus stop - you'll be right back in Pelican Town.

And then, when all is done, consider joining the Sundrop development team, and help us expand this city even further.

As of version 0.3.2 this mod depends on EMU:

Currently, we are still developing the proper way into the city, until it is finished you can reach the city by using the command sundrop_warp in the console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this compatible with SVE?
A: No, due to the practices of SVE's author FlashShifter, we have been forced to drop our plans to provide support for SVE.

Q: There is no way ouuuut!!!!! let me gooooo!!!!
A: Like with entering the city, leaving currently requires console commands, the command debug warp Town 24 24 should send you back to Pelican safely.

Q: Why cant I enter any of the buildings?
A: Because those buildings are not yet finished, once they are you will be able to enter.

Q: Is this compatible with <insert some mod here>?
A: Our goal is to be compatible with any mods we can reasonable be compatible with, but if such compatibility requires extra work, it may not currently be 

Q: When is the next update going to be?
A: We are hoping to release a new alpha build roughly every 2 months, but make no promises as real-life commitments have to come first.