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The sad mummy boy needed some love so I replace a pet of your choosing with Amumu from League of Legends! I also added sound effects if you want them!

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A friend asked me to put Infernal Amumu in the game so I did! You can replace the cat or dog(If you have more animals it wont matter) and I made a version for each that replaces the pets sounds with Amumu's voice!(the dog one is a bit weird as I find he loops his tracks(I'm sorry I don't know how to fix it ;w;))

How to install:

If you go for the no sound version then it depends if you have the More Animals mod

If you don't then just unzip the file and put it in your mods folder(Assuming you have SMAPI and Content Patcher!)
If you do have More Animals I've added a png just add '_10'(any number not already taken will do) to the png name and put it in you More Animals assets folder!

If you want the sound version then you'll have to replace the games sound file as far as I know.
First go to your Stardew Valley folder, then content, then XACT, and there you'll find the file 'WaveBank.xwb'. Back that up(or like in my case just put it in another folder) and then replace it with the 'WaveBank.xwb' from the Amumu mod folder!(Keep in mind that the WaveBank.xwb is the sound files for the whole game so please be careful)

Amumu belongs to Riot