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Each farmhand gets his own greenhouse.

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Each farmhand gets his own greenhouse.
Create a backup before installing this mod and before unlocking greenhouse!!! Incompatible with IF2R!!!
  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install Content Patcher.
  3. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.
How it works
For each cabin on farm, mod creates a greenhouse. Whenever farmhand enters greenhouse, he is teleported into his own greenhouse. Only the greenhouse owner can go to it. All players need to install it, to work properly. Each player without mod will enter main greenhouse instead of its own. If you run this mod on already existing save or want to check if each cabin have it's greenhouse press F6. This key can be changed in config.json.

  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.3.36 on Linux/Mac/Windows.
  • Each farmhand gets error message in smapi console whenever other farmhand enters his greenhouse. I couldn't find what causes that error and what are the outcomes. It doesn't seem to be serious. Game doesn't crash.
  • Farmhand can see the position of Host player if both are in their greenhouses.
  • 1.0 First version
  • 1.1 Changed events, that triggers creating Greenhouse (Save Created, Building List Changed and when clicked F6 key. In previous version it was whenever farmhand entered game). When Greenhouse is created od removed main player gets message.
  • 1.1.1 Players no longer have to move xnb files. Mod will manage them automatically. Thanks to Pathoschild :D
  • 1.2 Sprinklers will work in guest's greenhouses.
I didn't tested mod enough to say it is bugless. Don't invest to much to farmhand's greenhouses, unless mod will be stable. It will decrease losses, if game will crash. In order to uninstall mod just remove it from mods folder. Created greenhouses in save file should not cause any trouble. They will just exist without any way to go in them.

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