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Adds seagulls as custom coop animals!

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r e q u i r e s  |  Paritee's Better Farm Animal Variety (BFAV)

f e a t u r e s | ♡

- purchase seagulls as coop animals 
- seagulls will produce sardines and halibut every 3 days
- choose between two variants - seagulls that produce fish, and seagulls that do not produce any products

(NOTE: if switching between versions of  the mod, you will need to sell the existing seagulls and purchase new ones in order to get the produce to start or stop.

i n s t a l l  | ♡
- download & unzip file
- place the "[BFAV]" folder into \stardewvalley\mods
- copy the "animal_shop_seagull.png" file located within the "[BFAV]" folder
- paste the "animal_shop_seagull.png" file into \stardewvalley\mods\paritee's better farm animal variety\assets 
( the asset folder located within paritee's BFAV mod )
- open config.json file located in \stardewvalley\mods\paritee's better farm animal variety
- scroll to end of code, there should be FOUR brackets
- after the SECOND bracket add a comma, then insert the following code:

"Seagull": {
"Types": [
"Buildings": [
  "Big Coop",
  "Deluxe Coop"
"AnimalShop": {
  "Name": "Seagull",
  "Description": "Seagulls will bring their catch from the ocean back home with them.",
  "Price": "800",
  "Icon": "assets\\animal_shop_seagull.png"

♡ thank you paritee for the mod and the tools to create custom animals