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a sprite and portrait mod for a busty tanned Abigail in blue bikini.

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This is an Abigail sprite overhaul aimed to please those that prefer more beach ready companions.
Contains one tanned Abigail in blue bikini, with full animation for all sequences with bikini where dress is not mandatory.
packaged with boobs thighs and a fine booty :D 
while i do not consider bikini NSFW, for those that are less lenient in definition of nudity...
well... you have been warned... it IS a bikini...( i said it like 5 times above )
my Mod inspired by wetfart's Busty Abigail, in case you prefer pale girls you may try that one.
it goes well with default fishing map or Pathoschild's Small Beach Farm
this is my very first uploaded mod here,
in case you find some issues with my mod feel free to contact me,
i will do my best to correct any mistakes.

future plans include similar mods for other characters,
and possible extensions and minor tweaks for this one.

version 2.0 now includes matching portrait mod also
based off of AirplaneRandy's microbikini abigail portrait mod albeit quite altered to match the character sprite

use it with either XNBLoader
or directly overwrite Abigail.xnb sprite and portrait at \Stardew.Valley\Content\Characters and \Stardew.Valley\Content\Portraits folders with the Abigail.xnb -s found in the zipped file in the "xnb replacer for abigail tanned sprite+identical blue bikini portrait" folder
or via copying the main folder into your \Stardew.Valley\Mods folder  and launch the game trough SMAPI