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Replaces the bachelorettes with some new bachelors

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A Note: This is not a "genderbend" mod, or at least I don't consider it one, due to the transphobic nature of that word. I'd like to consider it a mod with new Bachelors that are inspired and use the main framework of the previous bachelorettes.

This switches out the bachelorettes for some brand new bachelors! You'll need Content Patcher and SMAPI. But talking doesn't do much. Let's see these new bachelors!

Abraham (or Abe for short), a video game nerd who may or may not be related to the Wizard. His parents try to keep him on a short leash.

Hayden and Emmett, brothers whose parents are out exploring the world. Hayden's focus is mostly his appearance, and he can come off as rather rude. Emmett likes to make his own clothes and works at Gus' as a bartender.

Leo is an artist in the woods! Just like you, he came to Pelican Town for a change is scenery, to escape his old life. Note: Leo's base portrait is an edited version of yuiidragon's on NexusMods.

Martin is an avid inventor who works at Harvey's Clinic. His dad is a little over protective, and is best friends with Peter. You can set it in the config whether his sprite reflects his goatee.

Peter, the son of a raging alcoholic. He tutors the town's children, and loves to read.

You need SMAPI and Content Patcher for this mod. Feel free to message me with any questions, concerns, improvements, et cetera.
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