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Cleans up the mess around the hopper in barns and coops. In addition, adds an "NPC Block" to the area to ensure that animals won't walk in there and mess up with items stored there (or, blocking your path to the items you stored there).

Permissions and credits
This mod is inspired by the "Cleaner Barns & Coops" mod, but created from scratch by me.

Main difference from the aforementioned inspirational mod: This mod uses Content Patcher (version 1.8 or newer) to do its trick; no more replacing XNB files.

See Changelog for new things in each released version.


  1. (Ensure Content Patcher (version 1.8 or newer) has been installed and working)
  2. Extract the downloaded .7z file into the Mods directory
  3. Done!

(This mod does NOT have anything configurable, so no config.json to edit.)