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About this mod

An expansive farm that cuts through a river. Comes with a prebuilt shed, expanded greenhouse, and plenty of farming space! Replaces the Riverlands Farm. Now with a HUGE version!

Permissions and credits
  1. An expanded greenhouse, with an additional cellar to store kegs, preserve jars, or whatever! As well as spaces to plant your fruit trees.
  2. OPTIONAL: Optional version that makes the greenhouse a perfect fit for the Prismatic Tools mod.
  3. A prebuilt shed to store all your useless and not-so-useless junk in!
  4. Lots of farming space to do whatever you please with!
  5. Renewable Hardwood Spawns + Foragable Goods
  6. A small quarry.
  7. Progression - Stumps, Logs, and Large Rocks will prevent you from accessing your extra goodies early on and make the early game more interesting/challenging!
  8. OPTIONAL: Optional version that makes the farm HUGE! Including a giant new quarry space.

  1. Download the latest version of SMAPI
  2. Download the latest version of Content Patcher
  3. Download the latest version of Farm Type Manager
  4. (Optional) If you wish to use the Prismatic version, it is recommended that you download the latest version of Prismatic Tools in order to use the sprinklers it was designed for.
  5. Unzip the mod folders into Stardew Valley/Mods
  6. Start a new farm on the Riverland Farm-Type.
  7. (Optional) If you wish to use the expanded version or prismatic greenhouse, be sure to edit the config.json. (Generated on the first launch after installation).
Config Settings
Normal: Standard Version
Huge: Expanded Version

Normal: Standard Version
Prismatic: Prismatic Sprinkler Version

Known Issues
  1. You can access the Greenhouse before completing it. This is an issue I cannot fix myself, and as such, I recommend simply not entering it until it is repaired. Or don't wait, I won't judge... Maybe.
  1. Special thanks to Opalie for the commission work on the base layout! Be sure to check out her stuff/consider commissioning as well!
  2.  Opalie's Commission Info
  3. The kind folks on the official Stardew Valley discord for helping me fix several very obvious and very dumb mistakes.