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A lore-and-razor-friendly mod to clean up Pelican Town's doctor. Now with freshly re-stached options.

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A portrait mod for Harvey, based on Chrysanthe's lovely Refined Bachelors Mod, which has been used with permission.  Comes in the default round face and Chrysanthe's slimmer jaw.  Both feature tweaked expressions, greener eyes, slightly wider neck, a mild 5 o'clock shadow, and no mustache.  Stethoscope has also been redrawn by hand to look less like weird earbuds.  His last portrait on the tilesheet is now a different, slightly more flustered expression.

I know I've been promising a seasonal pack for ages now, but real life, other projects, the new update, and just the sheer amount of options presented have slowed that down considerably.  While I have most of the barebones SVO-matching states done for the round face (plus the new doctor's coat you can see in the current version of SVO which I'm inordinately proud of), I still need to update the character sheets for the 1.4 update and do all of the slim states.  However, barring any error fixes, this will most likely be the last update of this mod for non-seasonal content.  

New Changes:

  • Brand new character sprite option designed to match the portraits better, inspired by Chrysanthe's original refined sprite.
  • All character sprite options updated for 1.4 - Includes a fresh new set of PJs for the sleeping sprite.
  • New revamped outfit option.
  • Further improved expressions / pixel cleanup.
  • Jaw shadow changed on slim states to better match the light source.

Old Changes:

  • Round and Slim Mustache options!
  • Improved smile portrait
  • Stray pixel cleanup
  • CP version of Chrysanthe's Refined Harvey Sprites included with permission and are also configurable.


  1. Unzip contents to the Stardew Valley/Mods folder.
  2. Load game with SMAPI to generate the config file. 
  3. Config is set to the clean shaven round face and clean shaven sprite by default.  Portrait options are round, slim, roundstache, and slimstache for the vanilla jacket and roundrevamp, slimrevamp, roundstacherevamp, and slimstacherevamp for the new jacket.  Sprite options are clean and mustache for the new sprites and cleanchrysanthe and mustachechyrsanthe for the old version.