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Borrow money for a short or long term!

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Updated mod for 1.4 support (SMAPI 3.0.0)!
  • Now with late repayment fees, i18n support, and more!

Just wanted to say that this is my first mod so feedback is very much welcome!
I haven't been able to extensively test it, so if you find any errors, please let me know.

This mod lets you borrow short term or long term money:
  • Press "L" to activate menu (Configurable)
  • Repayment period between 3 days and 28 days. (Configurable)
  • Each repayment period has it's own set of interest percentages as follows: (Configurable)
- 3 days @ 50%
- 7 days @ 25%
- 14 days @ 10%
- 28 days @ 5%
  • Late repayment fees of 10% (Configurable or turned off by writing 0)
  • If "CustomMoneyInput" is set to true in config.json then you can borrow a custom amount of money, if set to false, you will get a quick menu of four options that are configured through the "MoneyAmount1-4" settings in the same file.

Pressing "L" again while already borrowing gives you the options of showing your balance, the amount of days you have left and the repayment amount per day, it also gives you the option to repay any outstanding balance in full.