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Content Patcher content pack. Provides several simple colour alternatives to the original, vanilla farm cat. Colours are soft and neutral.

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If you, like me, find the original farm cat super cute just the way it is, but want more colour variants - then this mod is for you!

Before you download, make sure you have:
1) Installed the latest version of SMAPI.
2) Installed the latest version of Content Patcher.

1) Go to the "Files" tab and download Nika's Simple Cat Recolours.
2) Unzip/extract the folder into your \Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.
3) Edit the config.json file to select a colour variant you like (more instructions on this below).
4) Run game using SMAPI.

There are 10 colour variants to choose from, including Void! Krobus approves!

To change the cat colour variant:
1) Go to the [CP] Nika's Simple Cat Recolours you just extracted into your Mods folder.
2) Check ReferenceImage.gif to see the different options. Open the config.json file using a text editor such as Notepad and change the variant to your favourite.
e.g. If you want the light grey spotted cat, the contents of your config file should look like this -
  "Variant": "DustySpots"

If you get tired of you cat's current make-over:
1) Just delete [CP] Nika's Simple Cat Recolours from your Mods folder.

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs, stray pixels, or anything else!