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(Mod is outdated as of update 1.4)
Increases the sell price of dinosaur eggs to make them more viable.

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NOTE: I will no longer be updating this mod as of update 1.4 because of the addition of dino mayo. My change is basically in vanilla now :)

Basic Summary:
This mod makes dinosaur eggs worth three times as much (base sell price increased from 350 -> 1050). This makes dinosaurs worth raising while still keeping them balanced compared to other coop animals. This increase applies to all quality levels as well (437 -> 1311 / 525 -> 1575 / 700 -> 2100). 

The mod requires Pathoschild's Content Patcher, which means that it should be compatible with any mod that does not alter the base price of dinosaur eggs.

More Details: 
The coop animals in the base game are relatively balanced with the exception of dinosaurs. Dinosaur eggs offer the worst gold per day of any coop drop. Rabbits also don't offer much gold per day, but they grant access to a renewable iridium quality gift that is universally loved. This means that dinosaurs end up being little more than an easter egg or novelty.

This mod aims to make dinosaurs a more viable option without making them overpowered. A three times sell value increase may seem like a lot, but this puts them roughly on par with duck eggs (when turned to mayo). They are slightly better than ducks overall, but I  consider this reasonable since dinosaurs are so difficult to obtain. I kept them worse than normal/void eggs (when turned to mayo) because dinosaurs lay eggs once per week. This means that upkeep is much easier, so profits are reduced accordingly.  

Please comment if you encounter any issues and I'll do my best to fix them. I hope you enjoy :)