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Allows map makers to easily add doors with cool features to their maps!

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Better Doors

This mod lets map makers easily add doors with cool features to their maps. It doesn't do anything by itself but may be required by a map mod. In multiplayer, every player needs to have the same map mod, Better Doors content packs, and Better Doors installed!

Cool features:

  • Automatic doors: Have doors automatically open and close when you walk past them!
  • Double doors: Place two doors next to each other and have both of them open when one does!
  • Horizontal doors: Have doors that can be put in horizontal hallways as opposed to SDV's vertical only doors!
  • Vanilla + custom door textures: don't be limited by just SDV's door sprites!

For users who want to edit config options:
  • DoorToggleRadius (default 2). This is how close you need to be to doors before you can open them. Set to any positive number. If you want it bigger try 3 or 4.
  • MakeAllDoorsAutomatic (default false). If you set this to true, all doors will be automatic regardless of what settings the map maker used.
  • SilenceAutomaticDoors (default false). If you set this to true, automatic doors will silently open and close. However, manual door opening/closings will still make sound.

For map modders who want to add better doors to their maps:
  • If you're a map modder, you add some custom tile properties to the tiles where you want doors. See the modder documentation for more info!
  • If you're a sprite artist, you can provide custom door textures for map modders to use. See the modder documentation for more info!
Click here to see the modder documentation.

Requires SMAPI by Pathoschild.

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