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Turns the animals (currently only coop animals) into people.

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I wanted more people on my farm, so I turned the animals into people. I figured I should share.

Only the coop animals are done at the moment. The barn animals are still in progress, and will take more time as I am making the baby animals by myself using the vanilla toddler as a reference for the proportions and face layout. The coop animals are 100% made by me, because each sprite has to be in a 16x16 square and I had to make them from scratch.

THIS IS A XNB FILE SET!!! I don't know how to use content patcher (I've tried), so to install you have to go to your game files. The path is [C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content] and all you have to do is remove the brackets. This takes you to the assets folder. Open the Animals folder, and RENAME YOUR ORIGINAL FILES SO THAT YOU DON'T DELETE THEM!!!!! Then drag in the new xnb files and start up Stardew Valley.

All this file set does is change the textures of the coop animals, so they will still cluck and quack. Because it is in the actual assets, any content patcher mod changing the textures will override it without error.

If someone that knows how to use content patcher is willing to make a content patcher version, I will cry tears of joy. A lot of people will probably shy away from changing their game files, and I want everyone who is interested to be able to comfortably use this mod. And to that person, feel free to ask me for texture changes. If I can figure out how to find the original texture, I can change it.

This is my first mod, so if anyone can give me advice I would be very thankful. Or new ideas, because I love making the new textures. THAT MEANS I WILL MAKE THINGS FOR YOU!!!

And if I haven't done a part of the uploading/details/classification of any of this correctly, please let me know. I promise you, I will not notice if I am not told.

EDIT: I have been informed that the coop animals look like children. That was not my intention. I had a small workspace and tried to make a human in it. I would make them look like the Harvest Sprites from Harvest Moon (tiny elves), but there isn't enough room. I would have to make a completely new sprite, and I would rather finish the barn animals first. Most likely, I will make an different file where the coop animals look less like children and more like tiny elves so that you could pick which look you wanted. But for now, there's just the one file.