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An edit of the extra dialogue villagers can say. This mod edits lines such as what your spouse says when your children are born, what Gunther says when you donate and finish the museum, as well as what villagers will say to you after you've sold stuff to Pierre. Other little edits are sprinkled about the mod, as well.

Permissions and credits
I recently saw an edit of the Extra Dialogue file from a Korean creator and really liked the idea of it. While I was trying to loosely translate the file for personal use (I used online translators to understand the jist of what the mod was saying), I ended up editing and modifying a lot of the lines in the Extra Dialogue file. So, I thought I'd share these edits since I've made so many of my own, but still, credit to 아밥(tivk****) for the original file and for inspiring my own edits. (I'd gotten permission from the creator to translate it, but they seem to have deleted the mod, so I unfortunately can't link to the original.)

This mod edits:
-- what your spouse says when you adopt or have a child.
-- what children/teens/adults and Linus tell you when you dig through the trash
-- what Robin says when building you stuff
-- what Gunther tells you when you donate an artifact, don't have an artifact, and when you complete the museum
-- what Clint says to you when you upgrade your tools
-- what your spouse says when the kitchen is blocked, or when monsters are in the house
-- what characters say when they find you in the mines
-- changed what villagers say to you when you sell something to Pierre, Marnie, or Willy.
[I never liked that Pierre would claim he grew/found/cooked the things you sold him. I have other dialogue mods that soften Pierre's douchery (mostly for Abigail's sake), so most of the lines now reference the farmer selling the items to his store and how the villagers' appreciate your produce.]

The only things not changed are the stuff Morris says to you or Mr. Qi cause meh to Joja and Qi's lines seemed fine to me. May go back and change them later on, though.