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Replaces the sounds in the bathhouse to running water to fit with the Hot Spring mod.

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If you happen to love the beautiful replacement of the bathhouse made by MiniPantsu, then you may have noticed that the fan sounds in there don't really fit the atmosphere anymore. In the original Hot Spring mod, there was an optional file that fixed just that by replacing the ambient sound to running water.

Unfortunately, using the wave bank provided in the mod to do this causes a crash during the Night Market, due to new audio files for this event. To fix this I extracted the wave file that was replaced and compiled this mod to work with Custom Music so that no files are actually replaced and we get the running water sound in the bathhouse's entrance and locker rooms.

Hopefully, everything is working well, but if you happen to find any bugs let me know!

Note: Since they share the same track, when using this mod you'll hear running water at Joja as well. Presently there's no way to customize Custom Music to work on a single place, but if there ever is I'll try to update accordingly.

  1. Install SMAPI.
  2. Install Custom Music.
  3. Place this mod in Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.

  • It should work in any version of the game and with any mod as long as they don't replace the same audio file.

Where to get the Hot Spring Mod:
  • The original is here, but it requires replacing xnb files;
  •  A CP version can be found here, but at the moment it doesn't have an Alex working out version;
  • Another CP version can be found here, this one with an option to have Alex there during the Winter. A few lockers had messed up lines due to a recent game update but I made a quick fix, which you can get here.

All credits belong to the original creator of the mod MiniPantsu. If need be I can remove this mod at his request.