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This mod makes animals just as profitable and interesting as crops are. It changes every single price of every animal product, adding depth to animal balancing while also making them a very legit source of income.

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So, animals, they are great and all but compared to crops they can kinda feel uninspiring. Crops have all kinds of variations, things to do with them, and most importantly make buckets and buckets of money. So I set out to make animals feel better. 

Plainly put this mod increases the selling price for all animal products, minus truffles and truffle oil. I have changed the numbers so the 1.1 version is a nerf from the 1.0.1 version but a buff from vanilla. I also balanced Dinos because for some reason I just didn't change them in 1.0.1. I made sure no animal is a direct upgrade over another, while still keeping each one feeling relatively unique. There is still the most 'optimal' animals, but having a barn full of cows doesn't feel like as much as a waste when you compare them to pigs/sheep anymore. If you want more details into my thought process for each read below.

All pricing does not take into consideration the cost of a barn/coop or the cost of an animal. I like that the drawback/benefit of animals is their price is upfront, but once they are paid for they don’t stop making money ever.

-Animal Balancing Explanation-

So cows and chickens will make less than they 'should' at the beginning but make more than they 'should' later when they mostly produce the large variant of their product. 

Ducks make as much as chickens early on, but later make less as they can't make large duck eggs. The caveat being that duck feathers sell for much more than iridium duck eggs. So if you get lucky you can make a good amount from them.

Rabbits are like ducks, but their feet sell for more than feathers. This is because they produce wool every 4 days, which is worse than the other animals so their special product is a larger bonus. 

Goats make less than cows early on, but once they make large goat milk they beat out cows by about 10%.

Sheep make their expected daily income, but if you get enough hearts and Shepherd then they make more than they 'should' by a large margin.

Void chickens and dinosaurs make the expected daily income. And yes a coop full of dinos is now a profitable thing, not just for the funsies. 

Pigs are complicated... They make A LOT less than they used to, but they still eventually make more than every other animal. They, on average, produce 3 truffles a day but I made the numbers using 2 truffles instead. They obviously have a higher income per day as well because they don't produce during winter. I'll be honest I don't understand the selling prices for truffles and truffle oil in vanilla, they sell for a ridiculous amount if you have Botanist even when compared to some of the most profitable crops. 

And a general rule of thumb for artisan goods is that if the product is gold/iridium you should sell it as is, but if it's silver/normal you should process it. There are exceptions such as truffles and wool, but generally I find this to be more appealing. Of course taking Artisan will change that, which is the point of the profession. 


-The Math!-

Pretty easy, just make sure you have Content Patcher and unzip to your mod folder.