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Adds Geckos (sprites by GhostyTea) as a new species available for the Coop. Converted to CP by Meggiee!

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Adds leopard geckos as their own species available from Marnie! They cost 50,000G, but they'll pay for themselves within about a season, because they drop Prismatic Shards and Pearls! Mostly intended to be a source of easy gifting items, since that's what I most wanted; pigs are likely still more profitable with the right profession setup. I haven't crunched all the numbers to verify that, though.


The sprites come from this adorable mod by GhostyTea; I just made them into their own species for the coop using BFAV by Paritee! This was then updated to Content Patcher by Meggiee!


1. Download to your mods folder.
2. Unzip.
3. Yay for Content Patcher! Yay for Meggiee!


There's a Read Me file in the folder that explains installation, just in case, but I'll include it here, too!

1. Place animal_shop_gecko.png in the BFAV assets folder.
2. Open the BFAV config file.
3. Find the Dinosaur section in the BFAV config file. (or whatever the final animal listing is in your folder; I just find Dinosaur easiest to navigate because it's the shortest section.)
4. Paste the following onto the line ABOVE that section:

"Gecko": {
"Types": [
"Buildings": [
  "Deluxe Coop"
"AnimalShop": {
  "Name": "Gecko",
  "Description": "Geckos bring home gifts that everyone will love.",
  "Price": "50000",
  "Icon": "assets\\animal_shop_gecko.png"