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Adds crows as custom coop animals! (BFAV 3.0.6 unofficial update version now available)

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1.4 update - file now avaiable for the unofficial BFAV update ! 

- grey eyed varient
- crows produce drift wood and pearls
- purchase from marnie for 800 gold

install ♡
- unzip and place file into mods folder

r e q u i r e s  |  Paritee's Better Farm Animal Variety (BFAV) 's unofficial update to BFAV 3.0.6 ( available here )

// the following information is for out of date files 

f e a t u r e s | ♡

- purchase crows as coop animals 
- crows will produce driftwood and broken glasses
- choose between two colour variants - grey eyes, or red eyes that match the in game crows

- N E W -

optional files  -  crows will produced driftwood and pearls once a week
-  crow do not produce any items (untested)

(NOTE: if replacing previous version of mod, you will need to sell the existing crows and purchase new ones in order to get pearls as the new produce, otherwise the crows will continue to produce broken glasses)

i n s t a l l  | ♡
- download & unzip file
- place the "[BFAV]" folder into \stardewvalley\mods
- copy the "animal_shop_crow.png" file located within the "[BFAV]" folder
- paste the "animal_shop_crow.png" file into \stardewvalley\mods\paritee's better farm animal variety\assets 
( the asset folder located within paritee's BFAV mod )
- open config.json file located in \stardewvalley\mods\paritee's better farm animal variety
- scroll to end of code, there should be FOUR brackets
- after the SECOND bracket add a comma, then insert the following code:

"Crow": {
"Types": [
"Buildings": [
  "Big Coop",
  "Deluxe Coop"
"AnimalShop": {
  "Name": "Crow",
  "Description": "Crows like to collect branches for nest building and the occasional shiny object.",
  "Price": "800",
  "Icon": "assets\\animal_shop_crow.png"

♡ thank you paritee for the mod and the tools to create custom animals