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Genderswapped mod for bacherlorettes includes dialogues & description mod, names change, HM inspired portrait mod, character mod

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A full genderswapped mod for the Bachelorettes - including Character mod, Dialogue and description mod, Harvest Moon inspired Portrait mod (based on MCMC's mod)

Name changes:

Abigail -> Abraham
Haley -> Hale
Maru -> Marcus
Penny -> Penley
Leah -> Liam
Emily -> Emil

Teaser for a future update



-I have written a guide for anyone who want to make their own genderswapped mod here 

-I include an edited and updated version of minervamaga's poly friendly cutscenes mod, so if you don't like it please download the NoPoly version 

-Hale and Emil's room edits may conflict with some town map overhaul, you can delete the ForHaleyandEmilyRoom part in the content using Notepad++

-Marcus with glasses and Penley with freckles are the default, if you want to use the no glasses/freckles versions, change the file name from Maru1/Penny1.png in the assets to Maru/Penny.png

What's new ?
From dialogue, to portrait and character mods and other small details - I have convert everything into a content pack, which means small size files and easy to install 

"Girlfriend" status has been changed to "boyfriend" without any errors

I have manged to fix things i can't before like
Animation glitch in the wedding

Correct pronouns in Lewis' speech

This updates not only bypass all the problem i had  but i also manged to track down every single detail possible that i missed in previous updates like these descriptions and photos

I have also made a few changes to Hale/Haley and Emil/Emily's rooms to look more suitable with the mod

Hale and Marcus' walk cycle also have been edited to look smoother


-You need to install SMAPI and Content Patcher

-Extract the file and put the folder in Stardew Valley/Mods


-My portrait mod is based on MCMC's Harvest Moon portrait mod with their permission
-The Abigail character mod  is an edited version of Crazy_Leen's character mod, i hold no credit for it, so please don't share it anywhere else
-Poly Friendly cutscenes belongs to minervamaga


-I haven't test through everything so there maybe mistakes/missing stuff,  if there is anything please don't hesitate to tell me
- I have no plan to do other portrait mod or vanilla portrait ( as there are 3 mods for it here, here and here )


It's ok to include my mod in your mod, but credit please
You're free to make edits out of it for personal use, if you intend to share it, please credit me