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Pride Shirts for your farmer! Includes 51 different flags, common and uncommon! With three different Lesbian flags to pick too!

Updated to use JsonAssets, and Compatability with the latest version!

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LGBT Pride Shirts! This is my first attempt at JA, so there might be mistakes ;w;

Trans, Gay, Philadelphia Gay, Orange and Pink Lesbian, Lighthouse Lesbian, Apersnicketylemon's Lesbian, Intersex, Bi, Pan, Genderfluid, Non-Binary, Butch, Genderqueer, Asexual, Aromantic, Demi-Asexual, Demi-Aromantic, Poly, Cupio, Bear, Twink, Grey-Ace, Grey-Aro, Polyamorous, Bigender, Agender, Demiboy, Demigirl, DemiNon-Binary, Pangender, Akoi, Quoi, Omni, Androgynous, Greygender, Abro, Neutrois, Frey, Trigender, Recipro, Transfeminine, Transmasculine, Queer Chevron, Nb Lesbian, Sapphic, Achillean, Diamoric, Genderflux, Aceflux, Aroflux, and Apothi!

Stuff for future updates:
  • Pride pants and skirts!
  • Putting in all the extra shirts, possibly with the ability to dye if I can.

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