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About this mod

Recolors all scarecrows and rarecrows with a dark wood and golden theme to match Eemie's 'Darker wood and gold craftables.'

Permissions and credits

I really fell in love with Eemie's Medival Modern Buildings and combining it with her Darker Wood and Gold Craftables so I decided to also make all my scarecrows match the theme and I thought I'd share.


- Recolors/Modifications to
- Scarecrow
- Rarecrow #1
- Rarecrow #2
- Rarecrow #3
- Rarecrow #4
- Rarecrow #5
- Rarecrow #6
- Rarecrow #7
- Rarecrow #8

How to Install
Users must have Content Patcher installed.

  1. Download the .zip file by clicking the 'Download' button on the download page of this mod.
  2. Extract the '[CP] New Scarecrows' folder to 'Stardew Valley/Mods'
  3. Run Stardew Valley using SMAPI (make sure you have Content Patcher installed) and enjoy the new scarecrows.


- [03/22/19] Added a Content Patcher version.
- [03/27/19] Fixed an issue regarding the Content Patcher version that resulted in an error message in SMAPI and stopped the pack from working.
- [03/27/19] Removed the XNB version from downloadable files.
- [03/27/19] Created a new Content Patcher version.


This should be compatible with any other mods that edit Craftables.xnb so long as they aren't changing the same pixels as the scarecrows. If for some reason it isn't working in your game, check for other mods that edit or replace Craftables.xnb.

I also recommend getting Allayna's Recolors to Match Eemiestardew's Color Pallet for more items to match the dark wood and golden theme.


- Inspiration from Eemiestardew.