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Removes crib and beds from the room upstairs.

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[UPDATE] 11/03/16 - All bathroom editions finally addressed & corrected, your refrigerator shall work once more! Bathroom Edition users WILL NEED to download the tilesheet from DevilBro's mod, "Bathroom After 2nd House Upgrade". I had made my own tilesheet but there seemed to be some issues with it causing errors with hardcoded items. As always, this file is not authorized to be reuploaded to other sites such as, or any other sites that insist on stealing the work of others' for their own personal gain. A special thanks to the ones who have continually followed my mods and also users who have even donated! Most recently, thank you, Kimberly L. and Rachel S. Your generosity will not go unnoticed! Your donations have gone towards my data limit to allow me to bring more files to the community in a timely fashion along with the support of other indie developers. 

[UPDATE] 10/28/16 - Bathroom Editions still have a defect that will not allow you to use your refrigerator. I found that old versions are still working correctly that rely on DevilBro's tilesheet, although I have removed old versions from this page since the 1.1(1) releases. I will have to redo these and reupload them hopefully as soon as today. Thanks for your patience! 

[UPDATE] 10/10/16 - Added a ton of files for married and unmarried characters. Bathroom versions no longer require any outside files. I have no internet at home so I've had to upload these files from my mobile phone and Nexus takes quite a bit of data so if you appreciate this file, please endorse it! And, as always, please report any bugs. Thanks!

[UPDATE] Added a compatibility patch for use with the Farmhouse Basement Mod by MiniPantsu.

UPDATES ADDED: Compatibility versions for FarmHouse Extended (all versions) by QuantumConcious & Bird Replacements for Babies & Toddlers by Ankokou. Feel free to request any other mod compatibility and I'll try to upload it as soon as possible.

If you don't plan on having kids in this game, why not save that room up stairs for something you really want to do? This mod will remove the crib and beds upstairs so you can focus on working rather than bein' a sissy. If it happens by accident, make 'em sleep on the floor! This mod is for use with the house upgrade 2, married and non-married.

Files go in the Content\Maps folder. Once the files are extracted they maintain the folder structure for easy drag-and-drop accessibility. Although you may want to backup your original files if you don't already have a backup copy and whatnot.

Also attached is a compatibility file for DevilBro's awesome Bathroom in House Upgrade 2 mod. Note that you will have to install his mod first. Same with the other files above.