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Modding Cursors made easy! Easily replace cursors sprites without affecting other sprites in Cursors.xnb

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Introducing the "Cursors Loader" the neat Cursors Loader that loads only the cursors sprite, duh.


About this mod:
This is a cursor loader mod. It uses EditImage so it loads custom cursors and only the cursors sprites, minimizing conflict with another mod.
This mods loads .png and .xnb, but if both file are present .xnb will take precedence.

Be aware that this mod doesn't include cursor files, you should download it from another modder. I suggest searching mods that has "last updated" on November 2017.

  1. First, you need to have Content Patcher and SMAPI, or else this mod is useless.
  2. Unzip this mod to "Mods" folder.
  3. Done

  1. Delete the mod.
  2. Done.

This Mod Contains:
  • Freely to use Content Patcher script (content.json). Credit is not necessary but appreciated.

*The cursor is not included because I don't make any. I only fixed DrexomXander's cursor sprite. The mod is mainly made to be their mod loader.

Adding Cursor Spritesheet/Sprite File:
  1. Download a mod that change the cursor if you haven't already. I recommend cursor in the recommended section.
  2. Place the file (.xnb or .png) on the "assets" folder of this mod. This mod accept a whole spritesheet or only specific spritesheet area even if it's are .png.
  3. Done.

Making/Editing Cursor Sprite:
  1. You need xnbcli to unpack XNB files. If it's already PNG skip to step 3
  2. Place Cursors.xnb in "Pack" folder then click "Unpack.exe", your unpacked files will be placed in "Unpack" folder.
  3. Edit your Cursors.png with an image editor that supports transparency like
  4. Place your edited Cursor.png to the mod's "assets" folder or pack the .png files as .xnb again. 
  5. Done.
  6. Alternatively you can just edit the files in the optional File as template/reference.
  7. You can upload it anywhere with the loader.

Planned Updates:
  • TBD.

This mod is only available only on NexusMods or Playstarbound Forum (if available) under "Warilized" username.

Compatibility Issues:
  • Mods that replaces the same area in the "Cursors.xnb".

Recommended Cursors:

Template Sprite is courtesy of Concerned Ape

Change Log:
  • 2019/03/22 v1.1 minor patch
  • 2019/03/22 v1.0 is released (uploaded the mod).