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This mod will let you romance and marry Clint, Gus, Lewis, Linus, Marnie, Pam, Sandy, Willy, and Wizard.

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This is a complete mod to allow you to romance and marry Clint, Gus, Lewis, Linus, Marnie, Pam, Sandy, Willy, and Wizard (AKA all of the adult, single NPCs in the game).

  • Romance them! They will accept the Bouquet like the town's other singles and become romantic.
  • Marry 'em! They will gladly take your Mermaid Pendant when they are at 10 hearts.
  • Dance with them! If you're married, they will dance with you at the Flower Dance. (Except for Sandy.)
  • Start a family! You can have/adopt children with them just as with the other marriage candidates!
  • Unique spouse rooms, especially designed with each character in mind!
  • 8-heart and 10-heart events for each character! Each event is fully unique, written to fit in with each character's canon backstories, relationships, etc.!
  • Fully unique post-marriage dialogue, just like the original marriage candidates. 
  • Fully unique post-marriage schedules. Clint will run his shop, Gus will tend the bar, Lewis will check on businesses, Marnie will run the animal shop, Pam will drive the bus, and Willy will run the fishing shop. Not as often as before, but part-time!
  • Each also has additional expressions and sprite animations, such as blushing and Flower Dance sprites.
  • Visual updates! Each of the 9 NPCs have an OPTIONAL VISUAL UPDATE included in the download. See the link at the bottom of this post for before/after comparisons!

  • With the mod in its current state (version 1.0.0), you CANNOT proceed through the Flower Dance. I am going to DISABLE Lewis as a bachelor in 1.1.0 for now. He causes way too many errors for the time being...
  • Your spouse's... "estranged twin sibling"... will be in the crowd at your wedding.
  • Your spouse may still mail you gifts while married.
  • Sandy disappears to go work on Tues/Thurs. She walks off for the day. You can still go buy stuff from the desert shop even though she's not there, though!
  • Sandy also doesn't attend the festivals, which prevents you from being able to dance with her at the Flower Dance.
  • Marnie will disappear when the confetti rains down in your wedding... to go dance in the audience. Probably had a little too much champagne.
  • (At least some of) these mods will not work with the NPC map location mod. It may cause your game to crash.
  • Lewis will call your partner your husband at your wedding no matter what.
  • Pam will flash her regular clothes at your wedding for like 1 second.
  • When you marry Lewis, he does some freaky stuff at the wedding ceremony. It's hilarious. You'll love it.
  • Clint will still ask you for an amethyst for Emily... Sorry! Can't fix it
  • Clint's decapitated head will be sitting near his feet when he breaks open geodes for you. Isn't that funny?
  • These mods won't work (well) with alternate portrait mods, unless someone makes a portrait mod specifically for this mod. 
  • IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY ERRORS... Please let me know ASAP by either posting or PMing me. Please be as detailed as possible when describing errors, and always take screenshots when you can!

  • Add Spouse Areas/Patios for each character.
  • Make all 9 characters available for all festivals. (v1.2.0)
  • Fix the issues with the wedding animations/sprites. (v1.2.0 or later)
  • Possibly add a separate mod like this one for married NPCs, although not any time soon.
  • I will not (ever, in the foreseeable future) add Jas or Vincent to my mods or make my mods compatible with any Jas/Vincent marriage mods. Please do not ask.

To install this mod, simply COPY AND PASTE the "Content" folder from the .zip file to Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley, and select yes to replace the files. To install the VISUAL UPDATES, open the README.txt file from the download and follow the instructions. To install the Siv's Spouse Rooms feature, you must have SMAPI 0.40 installed. Instructions can be found in the README.txt.

NOTE: This mod comes with visual updates done by me, but they are optional. They are included in the "Visual Updates" folder in the download .zip folder. When you install this mod, it will not install the visual updates by default. See the README.txt for instructions on installing the visual updates.


Thank you for viewing this mod! If you're interested in the modding work that I do, please feel free to visit me on the Chucklefish forums, where I spend most of my time. :^)