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This is a lightly-customized Riverlands Farm. The three islands in the middle have been merged into one large USABLE space! There's a new bridge for convenience. I also added a few more lilypads, flowers, and sunken logs. There is extra debris for materials in the early game. And the pier has been extended because I thought it was a bit too short.

Permissions and credits
There is now a Content Patcher version available, created by user Blyndshot.
Thank you, mysterious stranger!
Please see the "Optional files" to download the CP version. The non-CP version is still the default download.

v1.1 - New or existing save support!
There are now two files in the .zip.
One will spawn debris (branches, stumps, trees, weeds, and stones). Please use this version if you are starting a new game. The second file is blank, meaning it only includes the changes made to the map, and will not spawn any debris. This way you can use the new Riverland map on an existing save.
v1.11 - fixed 4 tiles that were impassable. That's it. Both versions updated.

Drag and drop the desired version of Farm_Fishing.xnb to your Stardew>Content>Maps folder. Easy-peasy. 

Dope Features:
  • Multiplayer support (cabins will spawn) 
  • Vanilla-esque
  • 3 islands Useful large farming island
  • More decorations to stave off depression
  • An extra bridge to gap the void between success and crippling self-doubt
  • A slightly longer pier for aesthetic vibes
  • Flowers for grandpa
  • More dead logs for fish to hide in
  • More debris for materials and an extra burst of "victorious feeling" when finally cleared
  • More pretty grass at the start (extra mixed seeds)
  • Less heartbreak
  • More karma
  • 2 versions for ultimate happiness: WITH/WITHOUT DEBRIS FOR NEW OR EXISTING SAVES

Mission Statement:eNjoY yoUr NeW fArM liFE WiThouT tHe HasSLe oF liViNG oN an ArChiPeLAgo CoNNectEd bY Useless bRidGes !

I'm planning to update this when I have some ideas. Open to suggestions! Hope you enjoy ^^