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The fireplace in your house does nothing more than to light up and produce some smoke. With this mod it needs a few pieces of wood every day in winter and without the warmth of the fire you will get cold and lose health and stamina.

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When I first played Stardew Valley I realized that the fireplace is only aesthetic furniture. But during the winter I still had the need to light it up every day so me and my cat were not freezing. With this mod this idea is implemented into the game.

What it does:
  • You need a few pieces of wood (default 5) to light your fireplace.
  • It will burn the whole day and night until the next morning.
  • If it is winter (or raining in spring or fall) and the fire was not burning during the night, your character loses some health and stamina (default 50%). (And you should feel bad about your poor pet).
  • If you have Climates of Ferngill installed, you will be cold if the low temperature for the day is too low (default <=15) or it is raining and the temperature is too low (default <=20)
  • Your relationship with your spouse will also suffer if you do not provide a warm house for your family.

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods. If you are using android, download the android version.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.

  • Remove the folder of this mod.


You can change some values in the config.json file (start the game with this mod at least once for the configuration file to generate):
  • wood_pieces: amount of wood consumed to light the fire (default: 5).
  • penalty: true means that your health and stamina is reduced in the morning if the fire wasn't lit (default: true).
  • need_fire_in_<season>: if true, penalty is applied in <season>  regardless of the weather (default: true for winter).
  • need_fire_in_<season>_rain: if true, penalty is applied in <season> during rain or snow (default: true for spring and fall).
  • reduce_health: value x between 0 and 1. You will lose  x*100% of your health.
  • reduce_stamina: value x between 0 and 1. You will lose  x*100% of your stamina.
  • showMessageOnStartOfDay: set to false to remove the message popping up in the morning.
  • reduce_friendship_spouse: amount of friendship points subtracted from the friendship with your spouse.
  • reduce_friendship_children: same as above but affects the friendship points of your children.
  • COFIntegration: if Climates of Ferngill (COF) is loaded and this is set to true, the need_fire_* options are ignored and the COF temperature is used (default: true)
  • COFMinTemp: it is too cold if the low temperature of COF is below this value (default: 15).
  • COFRainImpact: if it is raining, it is too cold if the low temperature of COF is below COFMinTemp + COFRainImpact (default: 5).

  • Tested with Stardew Valley 1.4 on Linux and Windows.
  • Android version is available thanks to Logofe. This version might not be compatible with mods that also let you interact with furniture.
  • Tested in Multiplayer (but due to the regeneration in bed the health/stamina penalty is useless).
  • Not compatible with some mods that also change the health or stamina values after waking up. But it shouldn't break anything.

Translated to all Stardew Valley languages thanks to the people mentioned in the changelog.

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