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  1. TheMajesticKonata
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    Thankyou all for the love :) I really appreciate it~
    I've gotten a bit off track with this mod TT_TT I do plan on adding more though
    I just finished my first map edit, but then the phone game came out for android and due to modding that I've started playing more than modding
    I also am unsure how to handle my map edit. I may post it as a game file replacement, but i hate doing that myself...
    SO I've hit a brick wall TT.TT and have been to lazy look around for info U.U"
  2. FantasyKelsey
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    These buildings are all stunning, and the seasonal details are wonderful. The colours for the coops and barns make me so happy. Thank you so much!
  3. Juljimmygon
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    Thanks konata san bery c00l