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This mod makes several changes to Abigail's entire sprite sheet. Look below to see a full list of changes!

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What does this mod do? 

  • Makes adjustments to her hair. Emphasizing the presence of bangs and making her hair look fluffier.
  • Swaps her bow to the viewer-right side of her head, this is mainly personal preference and a lot of portrait mods I use have it this way.
  • Fixes an issue where her bow would appear on the opposite side of her head briefly during a heart event or two.
  • Adds a visible belt around her waist, to compliment the rest of her outfit.  
  • Adds a black sweatband on her left wrist, to compliment the rest of her outfit.
  • Adds a black bow to her swimsuit sprites.
  • Adds a beanie and bow to her Winter sprites.
  • Makes adjustments to Abigail's "giggling" sprites, making it so her hand is more round and less blocky.
  • Fixes some weird coloring and shading inconsistencies in the drummer sprites.
  • Makes adjustments to her 14-heart event "kneeling" sprite so that she looks sad, to fit the context of the heart event.

  • Optional: Gives her swimsuit sprite some sunglasses! (please see config included in the download)
  • Optional: Changes the flute playing sprite & animation entirely. (please see config included in the download)

This mod is not available anywhere else but, if you see it somewhere else it is likely taken without permission.

For more of my Abigail-loving nonsense -> Carrd