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Hang out with your friends and earn towards your hearts!

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This is in Beta! It's more of a proof of concept while the real mod is in the works.

After unlocking a certain amount of hearts with certain NPCs, you can visit them and gain more friendship with your visit.
Play two-player with Abigail
Watch a movie with Penny
Hang out with Haley at the beach and find shells
Chat with Leah under a tree
Stargaze with Maru
Meditate with Emily.

The events are randomized so there's a chance they will not happen on some days.  Check with them daily for the opportunity.

Right now only the bachelorettes are done with basic events.  Currently writing out better ones but I would love your feed back.

Ensure you have SMAPI installed and download and install Event Repeater.  This mod also requires Content Patcher
Download and unzip this Mod... there will be two folders [CP]Friendly Events and [Repeater] Friendly Events.. Put them both in your Mods folder.

In order to get the friendly events you must of done the event it takes over.
(You need to play Journey of the Prairie King with Abigail once before the friendly events will occur for example.)
Each event has a 42% chance to engage so long as the requirements are met.

Current Guide:

Abigail: The day after completing her 2 heart event you can go to her room and have a chance to play again.
     After 6 hearts during the rain, you can visit her in the mountains and replay the duet.
Haley: After resolving her cleaning issue with her 2-heart event, you may visit her monday morning to help her clean.
           After finding her bracelet, she will ask if you want to look for seashells.  You will leave the event with one of three shells.
Emily:  After her dream you can meditate with Emily.
             After she shows you her secret hobby she will be more active in meeting you in the saloon.
Leah: After going in her house the first time, she starts to do art projects with you.
          At 6 hearts she will sit under the tree and eat a fruit with you.
Penny: At 2 hearts you can show interest in the books she reads (either a history book or a fiction)
            At 6 hearts you can return to her trailer and watch a movie with her.
Maru: At 6 hearts you can stargaze with her. (2 heart event in the works.)

More to come soon <3