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2 versions + void and blue chonkins and now includes cute produce re-skins~! Replaces your chickens with chunky chonkins.

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03/18/19 UPDATE! We now have a content patcher version that works for anyone running CP thanks to DaisyNiko~! (this version will require you to download content patcher in order to work so if you don't want that use the replacement files)

03/16/19 UPDATE! Void Chonkins have been added! I always wanted the void chickens to be more galaxy/spacey aesthetic so I just followed my dreams with that one and I hope some of you will enjoy that look as well. They have a slight glow around them and the 'star' spots on them twinkle around as they move.

I've also changed the void eggs + void mayo to better match them as well as made cuter versions of some of the other produce while I was in there. If you want the extras they are in the main sets now as well as the misc files, please replace your springbjects file in content>maps for those~!

I'm not gonna lie, it was hard to make these girls fatter than they already were but I DID IT and they are glorious, chunky CHONKINS now~!

There are 2 versions of each chonkin with or without the wattle (the pinky face skin). I've uploaded them separately as well as in bundles so you can decide if you want the full set or you can mix-n-match.

1. OPTIONAL (but suggested just incase): Backup your Brown Chicken.xnb, White Chicken.xnb, and blue chicken.xnb files located at Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Animals
2. Download and extract contents from the zip(s) of your choice that match the style you want.
3. Put the new .xnb files where your old ones were (at the location above). Make sure to REPLACE the files or your game won't know what to use and won't start.
4. Done! Launch the game and enjoy the rotund floofs.