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This mod displays enemies health bars.

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This mod has been created to display enemies health bars when playing to stardew valley. The bar displays using colors and life count indicator. The color change from green to red according to the ratio current life against max life.
The indicator will only display the health of enemies depending on the number of them have killed and your combat level.


Please ensure first that you have installed SMAPI. To install this mod, please download the zip file and uncompress it in the mods folder of you Stardew Valley installation.

This mod has 4 configuration possibilities
  • Invert coloring of the enemies life
  • Deactivate experience requirements on life display
  • Hide lifebar if the ennemy's health is full
  • Hide the lifebar text with health count

To edit the configuration, open the mods folder of your Stardew Valley installation and go inside EnemyHealthBars folder. Edit file config.json (start the mod once to make it appear) and :
  • Set variable ColorScheme to 1 if you want to use alternative color scheme
  • Set variable EnableXPNeeded to false if you want to deactivate experience requirements.


To uninstall this mod, just remove the folder EnemyHealthBars from you Stardew Valley mods folder.


I'll improve the portage as there are some display issues that I encountered and the design is not fully RP relatively to the game interface.
If you'd like to help me, or report bug on code, see the GitHub.


This mod is a portage of an existing outdated mod that was no longer compatible with latest version of Stardew Valley and SMAPI. The initial author is Maurício Gomes. Exisiting mod informations are here and initial sources are located here.


This code and this project is using GPL3, same license as the initial project created by Maurício Gomes.