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Adds tombstones, statues, and other things to make your very own graveyard in Stardew Valley! Tubular!

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Have you ever played this relaxing farm game and thought, "Gee, this place needs more melancholy and death"? Or, "Man, I wish I could commemorate my cows that got eaten in the middle of the night with more than just an exasperated sigh"?
Well, I did, anyway. So I made this Custom Furniture pack for any others out there who wanted a graveyard on their farm for whatever reason.

This mod will add several different tombstone types including a flat slab with writing and an above ground tomb. There are also a few statues, a bird bath, and a fresh burial site to get the full experience of visiting a graveyard in the middle of the day because you're obsessed with them and have no reason to be there.

1. Download and install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Download and install the latest version of PyTK (Platonymous Toolkit).
3. Download and install the latest version of Custom Furniture.
4. Put my mod directly in your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT put them inside of CustomFurniture/Furniture. Just put them in the mods folder like any other mod or they will not show up.

Recommended Mods
To get the look of my screenshot, I suggest the following mods:
- Content Patcher (to load any mods that retexture things without needing to mess with the game's core files)
- Furniture Anywhere AND Custom Furniture Anywhere (both are needed to get custom furniture, well, anywhere outside your farm. The Custom Furniture Anywhere mod is an optional file within the base Custom Furniture mod page)
- Crops Anytime Anywhere (to be able to plant flowers/fruit trees outside of your farm)
- Eemie's Just A New Map Recolour - Content Patcher Edition (To get trees that look like my screenshot)
- A Toned Down Stardew Valley (great compliment to Eemie's Recolour because it makes the game less vibrant, yet still beautiful)
- Rue's Creepy Fences - Content Patcher Edition by coldazrael (retextures all the vanilla fences, but specifically the iron fence I used in my screenshot)
- Mizu's Flowers for JSON Assets (get a bigger variety of flowers to plant on your graves :3)

For the player character:
- Kisekae (successor to Get Dressed; lets you change your clothes after initial avatar creation; also adds skirts)
- New Shirts and 2 New Skirts (the shirt)
- Hairstyles Recolored (the hair)
- Coii's All Hats Pack (flower crown thingy)
- Hats Won't Mess Up Hair (prevents your hairstyle from changing to a default when equipping a hat)

Known Bugs/Oddities
NOTE: None of these bugs are fixable on my end. They all have to do with other mods, so there's nothing I can do about them. Most have fixes.
- When saving during the middle of the day within view of these items using Save Anywhere, the decor will briefly turn into several different chairs. Do not be alarmed, this lasts maximum 3 seconds and then they go back to normal.
- Sometimes furniture will refuse to let you place it. To fix this, try placing a different piece of furniture first and then the one that was giving you trouble. Eventually, it will stop throwing a temper tantrum and will allow you to place it.
- If using Stack Everything, these items will not stack. Do not attempt to buy several by clicking the items multiple times; your money will be taken away and Robin will scam you. Instead, click and place each copy you wish to place into a new slot in your inventory.
- CJB Item Spawner currently does not show furniture added by mods using Custom Furniture. Don't be alarmed if you try to search my items using it and they don't appear. They are shy. Go to Robin's store and they will be there at the very bottom.