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This mod shortens the goblin henchman's nose and adds two alternative color schemes.

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this mod description is an attack on ConcernedApe as a game developer or as a person. He's awesome and I don't hold him responsible for the decades of big-nosed goblin media that inspired the goblin henchman.

Goblins, as wonderful as they are, are traditionally depicted as big-nosed, murderous little thieves. Stardew Valley averts most of this stereotype, explaining that most goblins aren't evil (or even necessarily bad); instead, mistreatment and ostracism drive some goblins to work for evil entities. This is awesome, as I prefer nuanced depictions of fantasy races over non-nuanced ones.
However... The goblin henchman still has a long nose. Long, hooked noses are common in anti-Semitic caricatures and propaganda, and the fewer goblins I see with that trait, the better. To help remedy this, I've provided three, short-nosed alternatives for one of my favorite NPCs in the game.

The first alternative is the default goblin, but with a shorter nose. The second alternative is a light green goblin with yellow eyes (shamelessly inspired by an image of the Green Goblin, because why not). The third alternative is a yellow goblin with orange eyes (à la D&D 5th edition).

Requires Content Patcher and SMAPI

Extract the mod folder into your Stardew Valley\Mods directory. 
Once the mod is extracted, run Stardew Valley to generate a config file.
If desired, change the "Color" value in the config file from the default Green to either LightGreen or Yellow.