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Add some color variation for the beds, the kitchen and the main stairs, now with some random options.

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Add some color variation for the big bed (first and second house upgrade), the toddler beds and the crib. You can change wood, sheet, and pillows now !
This mod also allows option for the kitchen and the main stairs. The config file allows you to disable or enable the different parts of the mod.

This version should be compatible with 1.5. Farmer bed now change small farmer bed and big farmer bed. This mod now only change the "base" beds because other options are now different and so player can choose what to use.

Note : due to a misunderstanding of my part about how children beds were working, currently the children beds options are the one with number 2. Example : "ColourChildrenPillow2". I am waiting a bit to see if the bed labelette Children bed is unused stuff and if i can organise stuff better in the future. It's a bit of an unconvenience but people were waiting for the update and i didn't want to delay it too much.

This version adds some random options for pillows and sheets : randomfoliage, randomgreen, randomyelloworange, randomred, randomcustom
Each of them is a selection of different settings, and use the random feature of Content Patcher to choose one of them every day.

The randomcustom option is special : it will use the selection you'll put in "yourcustomset" config. You want a specific selection ? You can make your own and this way, be sure that the selection will match your carefully designed decor.

This version is mostly to ensure that modifications will happen after "A Toned Down Stardew Valley" and support some new content added by the 1.4 version of Stardew Valley (just ensuring that existing changes are working well, no new content on my side.
More information in the spoiler : it's about some new event in 1.4.

New option : now with config option for the Cabin ! All the cabins will share the same option, because it's how CP works at the moment. However, the farmhouse and the cabin can have different options.
New options : bed sheets matching my new wallpapers
New option : two options for the look of bed : classic and 01. You can see the look of the new option in the new screenshots.
New options : two new counters based on some of my custom floors.

The config also changed a bit, but this shouldn't remove your previous settings.

Important note : i changed the name of the mod now that more options also allows to change other stuff than bed. Delete the previous [CP] Beds Recolor folder, then extract the mod as usual.
Adding new options for the kitchen :
KItchen Wood : oak, birch, mahogany, walnut, beechwhite
Kitchen Style : classic, relooked
Counter Style : 01 to 12, none

Adding new option for the main stairs :
Stairs : 01 to 15, none

Adding some files in the mod folder itself to help seeing the different options.

Adding custom bedsheet matching my custom wallpapers.

Options :
Wood : @default, birch, mahogany, walnut, beechwhite
Sheet and pillows : @default, 001 to 112, C001 to C040
You can choose options for each of the different beds (farmer, toddler or crib) or disable one of them in case you have an other mod changing them.

Installation :
Install the latest version of SMAPI.
Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
Extract this mod into the \Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.
Run the game once to create the config file.
Open the config.json file and choose your favorite design. See here the wallpapers and their numbers.
Run the game through SMAPI to enjoy the changes.

Thanks to coldazrael for the Content Patcher support.

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