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Do you like beagles?

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This is a simple mod that changes the default dog with a beagle.
When I first joined I immediately tried to find any mod that turns the dog into one of my favorite breeds and I was disappointed to see there weren't any! So I took it upon myself. I edited the sprites and here we are.
It requires the Content Patcher, as the title says.

Now with two-colored beagle 

Update 2.5
I made a mistake somewhere, it should be working now. To make up for it I added a version with a bandana as the 3rd option the game gives you.

Update 3.0
Added the version for Adopt 'n' Skin

Update 4.0
I'm also releasing a version for Alternative Textures! And to celebrate I added four new textures for the Adopt 'n' Skin too: collar-less variations of the original skins and two based on my two real-life beagles.

For the regular Content Patcher version: 
Place it in your Stardew Valley/mods/  folder and you are good to go

For the Alternative Textures version:
Place it in your Stardew Valley/mods/  folder 
In the game, get the scissors from Robin's shop and use it on the beagle to change its skin

For Adopt 'n' Skin version:
Place it in your Stardew Valley/mods/AdoptSkin folder 
At the SMAPI prompt, write " list_creatures dog " to find your dog's unique ID. Then write "set_skin skinnumber dogid" to change.

2201 - tri-color beagle
2202 - two-color beagle
2203 - tri-color beagle with no collar
2204 - tri-color with aqua bandana
2205 - tri-color with blue bandana
2206 - tri-color with red bandana
2207 - two-color beagle with no collar
2208 - two-color with aqua bandana
2209 - two-color with blue bandana
2210 - two-color with red bandana
2211 - Alternative tri-color beagle
2212 - Alternative two-color beagle

I numbered the files like this to avoid overwriting or conflict with any other installed skin. Feel free to change it if you want to, just remember to keep the naming of the mod. 

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