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Add fairies to the secret forest area with this mod for custom critters. Comes in seasonal and regular variety.

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Add tiny fairies to your secret woods map.

The full pack comes with twelve fairies, based on this original edit by the wonderful Ali. She did the first six, and I added six recolors of my own.

In the first version, you can choose all twelve fairies to flutter about your woods all year round.

In the seasonal version, three fairies will appear in each season.


(Note: This mod requires Custom Critters by Spacechase)

1. Choose either the "all fairies" or "seasonal fairies" version. Adding both will leave you with a bit of fairy infestation problem on your hands!

2. Navigate to Custom Critters in your mod folder. Open up custom critters, then open up the folder labeled "Critters."

3. If you choose all fairies, drag+drop the "AllFairies" folder into the "Critters" folder. If you choose the seasonal version, open up the "Seasonal Fairies" folder and drag+drop ALL FOUR folders into the "Critters" folder.

Done :)

If you'd like the fairies to appear more often, change the   "SpawnAttempts" value in the content file to a higher number. Make it lower if you want fewer. If you want them to appear all over the place (not just in the woods), add in your desired locations in the content file under  "Locations."


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