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This mod replaces the default rabbits with seven varieties of hopping angora rabbits.

Permissions and credits
Credit to Feathercatch for their hopping rabbits, which this mod was based on.

Update 1.1:
Added black, chocolate, and blue angora rabbits.

Rabbits are one of my favorite animals in the game, but I'm not a big fan of their default sprites. They produce wool every four days, but... Where is that wool coming from? The rabbits on my farm aren't fluffy enough to produce that much wool, and they're not even the right color! Wild rabbits are fluffier than my rabbits, for Yoba's sake, so where is all this wool coming from? Is it like the rabbit's foot? Where do they get the rabbit's foot?


Anyway, this mod replaces the default rabbits with hopping angora rabbits. They're available in seven varieties, all of which are based on real angora rabbits: white, black and gray, red, albino, black, chocolate, and blue.

I was tempted to include every show-approved color, but there are apparently thirty-three of them, and I've already gone too far down the angora rabbit hole. Send help. They've found me. I can hear them coming. I can hear their teeth.

Requires Content Patcher and SMAPI

Extract the mod folder into your Stardew Valley\Mods directory. 
Once the mod is extracted, run Stardew Valley to generate a config file.
If desired, change the "Color" value in the config file from the default White to Gray, Red, Albino, Black, Chocolate, or Blue.