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The junimo's feel that the farmer needs a bigger reward for helping them out, so send their most favored to live with you.

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Warning: Usage of this mod may result in instant-onset diabetic sugar overload due to the sheer level of CUTE, hospital bills resulting from this are at your own cost!

This mod adds a whole new pet type, separate from the dog or cat.
This new pet? A magic color-changing junimo!

Players who have finished helping the junimo's will wake up the next morning to the sound of a junimo, a new friend has come to join you on the farm, and what a adorable friend they are!

If you do not wish to wait that long, you can try looking for the hidden junimo's that will escape the community center after the mayor opens the door,
Find all 5 of them and the magic junimo will come live on your farm early!

As of version 1.2 the magic junimo can follow the player, interact with the junimo to switch between idle & follow mode.