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Adds cute foraging hedgehogs to your farm! Please see the read me for installation instructions, as it's 3 different steps.

Permissions and credits
Special thanks to Trent for helping me figure out how BFAV works, and to Paritee for the BFAV mod and the tools used to construct new animals.


First, you will need to install Parietee's Better Farm Animal Varieties mod to use this mod.

1. Download and extract the provided [BFAV] Hedgehogs folder into your StardewValley/Mods folder. 
2. From this mod folder, copy the "animal_shop_hedgehog.png" file and paste it into the folder Mods/Paritee's Better Farm Animal Varieties/assets
3. In Mods/Paritee's Better Farm Animal Varieties open the config.json file. Go down to the bottom. There should be FOUR brackets.
- After the SECOND bracket, put a comma. 
- Hit enter twice. 
- Copy and paste the following into that spot:

      "Hedgehog": {
      "Types": [
        "Albino Hedgehog", 
        "Dark Hedgehog",
       "Black Hedgehog",
        "Gray Hedgehog",
       "Red Hedgehog",
       "Pepper Hedgehog"
      "Buildings": [
      "Big Coop",
      "Deluxe Coop"
      "AnimalShop": {
        "Name": "Hedgehog",
        "Description": "They like to forage outside at night and often bring back what they find.",
        "Price": "800",
        "Icon": "assets\\animal_shop_hedgehog.png"