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This mod Rebalances the produces from Ducks, Goats, Dinosaurs and Rabbits so they don't get outclassed by every other animal.

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This mod changes values, balancing Ducks, Goats, Dinosaurs and Rabbits, adding them strenghts and weaknesses, now you can adequate the type of animals  you want to use based in either you are choosing Rancher or Artisan. Each animal will work better with one of the perks.

Ducks: Ducks are worse chickens, they lay eggs every other day and its value is lower than two regular mayonnaise from chiken eggs, also, getting duck feathers is losing money as its value is lower than duck mayonnaise.  With the mod, duck feathers will worth more, which will have add more value to the luck factor you require to get them.
Duck Feather Value: Regular 250=> 450g
Tip: they will work better with Rancher

Goats: Same thing as duck, Goat Milk and Cheese can be produced every other day, but don't value as much as two cow milk / cheese. Increase goat cheese value, now goats will work better with Artisan and turning goat milk into cheese will always be more valuable (before, you would need to age the gold quality cheese to get a value higher than Iridium Quality Large Milk).
Goat Cheese Value: Regular 375g => 470g

Dinosaurs: They are simply terrible, each Dinosaur best case scenario will profit you 2800g per month, which is ridiculous aside from the fact that they are not easy to obtain. This is a straight buff to them.
Dinosaur Egg Value: 350g=>770g
Dinosaur Mayonnaise: 800g=>1600g

Rabbits: They don't get far behind chickens and Rabbit Feet is one of the best gifts, therefore I am adding a little bit of power to their deluxe produce. Works better with Rancher.
Rabbit Foot Value: 565g=>650g 

Requires Content Patcher.

Please, note that it will not affect products produced before the mod is installed.