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Removes bow-leggedness on Abigail, Leah, Maru and Emily's sprites. No more gaps between their legs.

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No More Bowlegs
Updated for SDV ver 1.4 and now compatible with CP.

Abigail, Leah & Maru will no longer have bow legs with these mods.
Let me know if you find any errors or stray pixels. Thanks.

Instructions for SMAPI & CP:
Install the latest version of SMAPI and then Content Patcher.
. Download this mod and unzip the folder it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
. Run the game using SMAPI.

 I will upload the .xnb files if there are enough requests.


4/28: Leah is also done and available. Meanwhile, enjoy the view from the back..

5/7: Walknoot has requested a version of Abigail without her bow so I've added that as an optional file.

6/28: Releasing Maru without bowlegs due to popular request.
I made some tweaks to her hair as well as the back of her overalls to my preference.
NEW: Edited the back of her sprite again on version [1.1.0]

1/23/17: Emily's version has been released. The difference is less drastic though since so little of her legs revealed. Also I did not change any of her dancing scenes.

1/26/17: Jodi's version is released! Her sprite has also been tweaked for a slimmer look, and her head no longer looks like its floating.
1/22/20: NEW Version [1.1.0] with Jodi's back hair edited to look more like the front.

1/28 Update: Added Maru in her nurse outfit as optional file. Fixed an error in her back animation too.
There is now a zip file for all the edited sprites made so far for your convenience (except Abigail without Bow).

Instructions (OUTDATED):
. This mod replaces the original .xnb sprites for any of the characters you have downloaded. Please make a backup of the original file(s) if necessary.
. Unzip or extract the .xnb file after downloading.
. Place the file(s) into the Stardew Valley folder under Content\Characters.

Happy downloading :D
Let me know if there are other requests.