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You have a dream character you want in Stardew Valley?! This file helps you put together data to make your NPC dream become reality!

Permissions and credits
This Mod has been depreciated due to my NPC Creator!
It still has some use, but I am currently building Tools to render this mod Obsolete!!

Visit my Cozy Apartment if you have questions or interests.
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My promise to you:  My mods will always be free and open.  Patreon will give you special Discord roles on my server and Exclusive access to my original music.  
You do not need to ever pay money to access my mods/content or beta releases!

This is not a playable mod!  It is a modder's resource!

The use of this download is to spell out everything you need to make an organized and functional NPC with some basic understanding.  
All files are made except for spritesheets and portraits.  All files carries some light explanations as well as useful links to various places the Pros use to make events, Dialogue, and other of some of your favorite events.  

Filled out properly, You can have an NPC fully functional in no time!

Installation is irrelavent as this just a modder's resource, however the finished product will require SMAPI and Content Patcher 1.6 or better.

Recommended you have notepad++ or another advanced text file editor to edit the json files.

If you have questions, come see the Stardew Valley Modding Community on Discord!  No Mic needed!