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I'm planning on making all the chickens and duck as a Pikipek version.
I'm going to do the same for these Pokémon also;
Torchic, Taillow and Ducklett

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Have you ever wanted to change your boring chickens and/or ducks into something better? Well, I bring you some Pokémon birds that change your chickens and ducks. These birds are the basic evolutions of many Pokémon birds such Spearow that evolves into Fearow, there are also some birds that don't evolve such as Chatot that are in this mod. Pick and choose what you want as your blue, brown, void and white chickens and duck. 
We have:
Rowlet the grass flying type
Pidove the normal flying type
Piplup the water type
Chatot the normal flying type
Starly the normal flying type
Spearow the normal flying type
Delibird the ice flying type
Swablu the normal flying type
Fletchling the normal flying type
Farfetch'd the normal flying type
Hoothoot the normal flying type
Vullaby the dark flying type
Wingull the water flying type
Natu the psychic flying type
Pidgey the normal flying type
Murkrow the dark flying type
Rufflet the normal flying type

Normal and Shiny versions.

 Stay in tune in case a new file is uploaded.

I have edited the original sprites to a bit due to fitting them in the sprite animations