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This is a mod to give your cat a different hat for days depending on season.
You need Content Patcher and Smapi for it to work!

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*Note: I have returned and am updating and adding more hats, including hats for dog! This will take a bit but I'll return to upload the full file as one mod. Thank you for past and future downloads!

This will be using vanilla cat and dog, and I'll check with a few cat/dog skins. If there is a specific pet requested (because these don't line up), I'll include it as an extra folder to use instead!
Currently working on:
[ 80% done ] Adding more days and more hats for cats
[ WIP ] Dog hats (Cat hats converted for dogs) and maybe new ones
[ WIP ] Change description to match updated version

There's a few other personal and custom mods I made but they are old. They may get posted here in the future. :)
Hello! First upload of mine to nexus :D

This is a mod to give your cat a different hat for days depending on season.
Spring has 2 days it will not have any hats for Tuesday or Saturday.
Summer and Fall has hats all week.
It'll need a break!

Winter is out in case you're using a mod for a scarf or coat.
I have other hats not yet added. (Spares at this point and mostly recolors)
Extra hat included is a Purple mushroom hat ( there is already a red) if you want to swap them.

For any dog lovers:
If you wish for a version for the dog tell me which dog mod ( or if vanilla) and I'll upload dog friendly versions!

If you come across any difficulties let me know and I'll try my best to fix the issue. I'm not great at coding but had fun making the hats! (I made this to fit fuzzy cats but they work on other cats too.)

Remember, this needs Content Patcher and Smapi to work! Unzip the folder and place it in Mods folder. Should work nothing else needed.


PS- Most of these I custom created with the exception of pumpkin, mushroom and strawberry hats which I borrowed from the game's object sprites and edited.
The cat I am using is a fluffy Calico from Long-Haired Cats!