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Adds a new area called Toucan Village.
It is accessible using the bus.

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Mod Details:
This is a mod which adds a new map called Toucan Village. You access it via the bus for a nifty price of 250g
There are some buildings, i.e. Joja Mart.

Common Issues:
When using the Bus to try and get to Toucan Village, but it doesn't work, before submitting a bug report, please try this unofficial update of BusLocations: Unofficial Update Link
If it still doesn't work after that, feel free to submit a bug report

[ALL] Village 1.0.3 - Adds music to the village - Summer Tropicala (my personal favourite).

[ALL] Village 1.0.2 - Fixes a message in the console saying BuyJoja.json does not exist
[BL] Village 1.0.1 - Fixes an issue when warping to the village using the Bus Line, you cannot leave the bus.

1. Make sure you have the latest version of SMAPI
2. Install the latest version of Bus Locations
3. Install the latest version of Entoreax Framework
4. Install the latest version of Advanced Location Loader
5. Download the main [ALL] Village mod
6. Download the [BL] Village mod
7. Download the [ALL] Content Patch for Village
8. Run the game using SMAPI

Get to the Village without the Bus?
If you don't have the bus unlocked, there is another way to get to the village.
Simply download the optional file 'VillageConsoleCommands'.
When you load up SMAPI and your save file, type village_warp into the console, and you will be warped to the village.
To get back to Pelican Town, interact with the Bus Ticket Machine near the bus.

If you encounter any issues with this mod, please feel free to leave a bug report, and I will try to get to you as soon as possible.
If you have any ideas with could be implemented into the Village, feel free to leave them in the comment section. I am always open for ways to improve my mods!