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Replaces many of the animals, monsters, and some of the people in Stardew Valley with Pokemon retextures.

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Please do not reupload to, or support,

Update: This is an extremely outdated mod that I will not be updating, but I am more than happy to give permission for anyone to use/update/edit this mod and upload it as they wish.

This is my mod that I have already uploaded here but wanted to go ahead and upload here as well.

This replaces the following-
Ducklett [Adult Duck replacement]
Buneary [Adult Bunny replacement]
Slowpoke [Baby+Adult Pig replacement]
Shuppet + Banette [Baby + Adult Void Chicken replacement]
Omanyte [Dinosaur replacement]
Tauros [Baby + Adult Goat replacement]
Brown Cow + Baby Brown Cow to Tauros

Ghastly [Ghost replacement]
Lileep [Shadow Brute + Girl + Shaman replacement]
Dwebble [Rock Crab + Lava Crab replacement] Credit
Duskull [Mummy replacement]
Venonat + Venomoth [Grub + Fly replacement]
Aron [Metal Head replacement]
Muk [Big Slime replacement]
Magnemite [Bug + Armored Bug replacement]
Poliwag [Frog replacement]
Spiritomb [Skeleton + Skeleton Mage replacement]
Misdrevous [Squid Kid replacement]
Larvitar [Stone Golem replacement]
Frost Bat to Golbat

Leah to Rosa
Clint to Machoke
All Toddlers to Preschooler sprites