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This is a small edit to Demetrius and Emily's xnb files in order to fix a couple of issues. One of them is Demetrius lacking a sprite in one of his scenes and the other being Emily's blushing and angry sprites being mixed up.

Permissions and credits
Update 1.1

While playing through the game, I've noticed that Gunther was missing a sprite during the dialogue during which he gives you the sewer key. I've updated the mod to include the new fix. For those who have already downloaded the previous version, there's a download that contains only Gunther's xnb.

I. General

This small bugfix for Villagers Anime Portrait by Bunnerz/Bunnihime fixes the two issues that have been found with them. In the mod, Demetrius is lacking a sprite in one of his scenes and Emily's blushing and frowning sprites are reversed.

II. Requirements

This bugfix requires Villagers Anime Portrait to be used properly.

III. Installation

Simply copy the xnb files in the archive to your Stardew Valley\Content\Portraits folder and overwrite the original mods' files.

IV. Permissions

I've made this bugfix a bit more than a year ago and have requested permission from the original creator to upload the xnbs themselves. Since it's been an entire year without answer, I'm uploading these today. If, however, the original creator decides to ask me to take this down I will do so.